Photographer: Myron Edwards

What is a photography model call?

A photography model call is a call for new subjects to serve as models for your work, usually with the expectation of some type of perk for participating. Essentially, you ask new or existing clients to participate in a session with you, either for free, for a discount or for some other special incentive.

Do photography model calls require professional models?

Most photographers don’t require professional models for their photography model calls. They simply want new people (subjects) willing to participate in a professional photography session.

Some photographers, like high-end fashion or commercial photographers, might require professional models for their shoots.

But for our purposes, we’re going to treat a model call in this tutorial as a simple call for new subjects to work with, not professional models.

I have a potential model but she doesn’t want her images released. What do I do?

What were the goals of your model call? If your goal was to shoot images to add to your portfolio and share online, then she isn’t the model for you. Tell her a model release is part of the requirement for the session and if she isn’t willing to sign it, she’s not eligible for the session.


Make a decision on what makeup, hair, outfit options you want to do

But if you feel like you want to use your own makeup artist or do your own makeup yourself, it's not a problem. Just let us know. A few general tips regarding the outfits you're planning to bring for the shoot: make sure your clothes are pressed and clean, try new clothes on before the photoshoot, do not wear baggy, bulky, saggy or otherwise ill-fitting clothing. What we recommend bringing for the test shoots:

  • Plain white/gray t-shirt
  • White classic shirt
  • Jeans, denim outfits
  • Plain one colored swimsuit or very minimalistic
  • Black shaped dress, or any dress that fits you well
  • Black tights/leggings
  • Blazer
  • Clothes that highlight your figure best
  • High heels shoes