I have a potential model but she doesn’t want her images released. What do I do?

What were the goals of your model call? If your goal was to shoot images to add to your portfolio and share online, then she isn’t the model for you. Tell her a model release is part of the requirement for the session and if she isn’t willing to sign it, she’s not eligible for the session.

Photography is my passion. In the beginning I have to admit that my shots were not that great but as I grew older and read more about it. That was when I started to apply all the tips I learn in every picture I took. During my beginning years my camera adventures were mostly focused on taking photos of family members and adventures with friends but now that I am older the focus has shifted. Although I love documenting my adventures my favorite is wedding photography.

From experience I can say that when you start taking photography seriously you will never see things the same again. From the minute that your goal becomes to take great shots, you can count on changing your lifestyle. You start waking up early or driving long distances to find the best lightning and a picturesque setting. I think photography is one of the most expensive hobbies, especially when you start buying the latest cameras and its lenses and flashes.